Critical Thinking and Writing
By Professor Mark McIntire
Critical Thinking
The technology of How to think, not What to think.

I'm Mark McIntire. As a Philosophy Professor I've been teaching critical thinking and writing since 1967. Now, I'm offering this online course to the general public; to life-long learners who simply want the knowledge of valid and sound reasoning/refutation on any debatable topic.
"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think
critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
What's included
Critical Thinking 4 Week
Webinar Course
  • Self-Paced 3 credit course with 25 video & text lessons
  • 174 page e-Textbook
  • 3 Online Self-Examinations
  • 1 Written Final Refutation Self-Examination
  • 1 Weekly 15 minute personal session with Professor McIntire
  • Weekly Webinar via ZOOM
  • Final Refutation Webinar:  "Learning How To Learn For Life"
Lessons you'll learn in this online course
Using Venn Diagrams and Symbolic Logic To Prove Your Argument Valid

How To Build a Valid and Sound Argument

How To Use 5 Valid Categorical Syllogisms

How To Construct a Valid Refutation Syllogism

Here's what parents and students
are saying...
I can only speak highly of Professor McIntire! Your child will be challenged to think and think logically!

-- Viviane Madajian
homeschooler of 3 boys

A brilliant scholar; a great gentleman. I love the way he cares about the young people he so lovingly mentors.
I recommend Mark for any work that requires careful thought, talent, precision and professionalism. Mark McIntire is THE Professor!
"Mark McIntire was the most effective and memorable and professor that I had the opportunity to study under while attending Santa Barbara City College. His charisma, sense of humor and authenticity resulted in a uniquely engaging educational experience.

- - Dale Allen
Video Media Presenter
"Mark is one of the rare people that you come across in this world.

He is a dedicated individual, with the utmost desire to help those around him in a personal and professional aspect.
--  Jacob Dixon,
General Manager, Grade Potential In-Home Tutoring
I first read Mark McIntire's excellent Reason, Argue, Refute three years ago, and have reread it twice since and keep it handy for that quick "I need to look up what he wrote" moments at the office. It is literally a "boot camp of the mind" book.
-- Tim McGrath
American Historian
Still not sure?
Have a look at my first lesson
The 20 Distinctions for Critical Thinkers
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