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Table of Self-Testing Quizzes and Exams:

To best prepare for each of our 4 online exams in this course, use these links by topic to practice your skills at critical thinking and writing:


Key Concepts

Quizz Links

Topic 1: Basic Logic Concepts

Exam #1 on all Key Concepts

What Logic Is. Propositions Sentences. Arguments, Premises, and Conclusions, Analyzing Arguments, Validity. Soundness, Induction, Deduction, Cogency

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Logic Puzzles

Topic 2: Informal Fallacies

Exam #2 on all concepts on Topic 2 (Latin names included)

Informal Fallacies of: Relevance, Presumption, and Ambiguity.

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Exercises & Quizzes

Topic 3: Categorical Propositions

Exam #3 on all concepts on Topic 3

Categorical terms, propositions and arguments. Quantity & Quality of Propositions. Square of Opposition. Distribution of a Term.

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Topic 4: Categorical Syllogisms

Exam #4 on all concepts on Topic 4
Exam date: TBA
Syllogistic Reasoning. Major, Minor and Middle terms. Immediate Inferences. Mood & Figure. Venn Diagrams. The Six Rules.

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Syllogism Evaluator

Topic 5: Arguments in Ordinary Lanuage
Translating every day language into categorical propositions and syllogisms

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Topic 6: Symbolic Logic
Logical Symbols. Argument Forms. Statement Forms. Rules of Inference. Rules of Replacement.

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Topic 7: Methods of Deduction
Propositional (Symbolic Logic)  

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Topic 8: Inductive Inferences
Nature of Inductive Reasoning. Arguments and Refutation from Analogy. Cause and Effect Reasoning. Scientific Method. Mills Methods. Science and Hypothesis. Probability Theory.

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Topic 9: Causal Reasoning Defines the necessary and sufficient conditions for something to be the 'cause' of some other thing.

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Topic 10: Analogical Reasoning Defines the necessary and sufficient conditions for successful entialment by analogical premises in an argument

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Essays 1 & 2

Term Paper
Assigned in Class.


Final Exam
Final Exam: Format, Content, Date and Time to be announced in class

Review 1
Review 2