sbccPhilosophy-111 Critical Thinking And Writing:

Final Exam Refutation







Final Exam: 200 Grade Points
Refute Your Term Paper Thesis
Written Refutation
Due As Assigned


The ultimate test for any critical thinker and writer is demonstrating the skill and ability to refute their very own argumentation. This is exactly what you must do to successfully finish this course. Follow these steps scrupulously and you will succeed.

Read this web page to demonstrate how perfecting your refutational skills can get you a higher score on your SAT and GRE tests:

1. Each student will present a written 2 page refutation syllogism of their term paper thesis syllogism.

2. This written refutation will consist of a single, valid, standard form categorical syllogism that REFUTES your term paper syllogism with Latin name, Mood, Figure together with the appropriate VENN DIAGRAM for the refutation syllogism.

3. This written refutation will also summarize the BEST EVIDENCE for their refutation syllogism as compared with their term paper syllogism. You must decide which argument has the greater probability of being proved ANALYTICALLY OR FACTUALLY TRUE.

4. If the refutation syllogism provides a more cogent argument for the conclusion of your term paper thesis, then state that in your refutation summary conclusion. If on the other hand, your original term paper conclusion is best supported by your term paper logic and best evidence, then state that in your refutation summary conclusion. In either case, state your reasons why this is the case.

NOTE:Refutation syllogisms will consist of a VALID standard form categorical syllogism that argues contrary or contradictory to their term paper thesis argument following the guidelines explicated in our course topic Refutation. Your final will be graded according to your demonstrated ability to argue an opposing view to your term paper conclusion.


Mark McIntire

Philosophy SBCC