sbcc Philosophy-111 Critical Thinking And Writing:

4 Online Exams On Pipeline/Moodle 2






How to take Phil-111 Self-Learning Online Exams


Number, Terms and Conditions for all four online exams:

There are only four exams for this course and each is conducted online


Access all 4 online exams in this course by logging into your Pipeline account and enter MOODLE 2 to select Phil-111

1. You will receive exam date/time emails notifying you when and how long each exam will be accessible. These dates/times are also listed on the course calendar. Each exam will open on a Friday morning at 8 am and close at midnight the following Sunday evening at midnight.You will have 4 attempts to make your highest score. Only your highest score will appear in your grade book, Manage your time accordingly.

2. On the appointed day for each exam access log into our course home page in MOODLE 2 and click on the exam.
3. After each attempt submit the exam for grade. You will only be told the number you answered correctly when the result for that attempt is displayed. So, on your FIRST attempt ONLY answer the questions where you have 100% certainty. Print that out. Repeat this process of elimination to get your highest score by the fourth attempt. These are self-learning exams.
4. Use each of your 4 attempts to master the exam topics and methods
On Monday at 12:01 am I will I will collect your highest score as your official grade for that exam

Exam Format:


Make-Up Exams:


You will be informed well in advance when the online access window opens for each exam. When the access window opens for each online exam, get in there right away, study the exam questions, print out the exam if you wish and log off. Do not procrastinate. Use the e-textbook to prepare and verify your answers.

Then work on the questions to the best of your ability. Log back in and use your second attempt. Click the SUBMIT button and see your grade. Remember, each time you open the exam it counts as one attempt out of your three attempts limit. Each time you finish an attempt click the SUUBMIT and your grade will be displayed immediately Figure out the ones you got wrong, then log back in for your final attempt. This is not cheating. These exams are structured for your self-learning development to reinforce your course content learning. Use them as such and you will be successful. Learn how to learn.


Professor Mark McInitre