Mark McIntire

Professor of Philosophy

Biographical Highlights

Blending a unique background in higher education, performing arts, and computer expertise, Mark McIntire earned his graduate degrees in Philosophy and Law at Oblate College, Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. At 23, McIntire was appointed Professor of Philosophy at Westfield State College in Massachusetts. There he led a legendary political revolt that resulted in shared campus governance as well as increased student academic success. Developing these educational/political leadership skills would serve him well while reforming the Screen Actors Guild many years later.

Declining academic tenure and offers of elected office, Mark McIntire ventured to fulfill a lifelong ambition in theater. In 1977 he debuted the title role of JFK: A TIME REMEMBERED, in San Francisco, and toured the U.S. and Europe with this one-man-show that he also authored. He appeared in PROUD MEN and THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL with Charlton Heston. By 1983, his diverse roles established him as a working actor and he was elected, with Heston's sponsorship, to the National Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors for a three-year term. Concurrently, he served as chairman of the Board of Directors for Actors Working for an Actors Guild at the request of its' founder, Charlton Heston, succeeding veteran actor, Morgan Paull. It was here that McIntire fine tuned his political and legal skills effecting a 'regime change' in the Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors. His tough-minded and cunning leadership in both organizations is well documented in the Hollywood press of the time and in, The Politics of Glamour by Dr. David Prindle.

As part of his revolt against the socialism in SAG's leadership under Ed Asner, McIntire filed a successful brief, amicus curiae, in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court Decision, CWA v. Beck, 1988. Once affirmed by the High Court, Mark McIntire, wrote the definitive application of that decision, Financial Core Handbook, first published by Sharequest in 1989. To this day, that publication remains the only definitive analysis on the topic in print.

Mark McIntire's casual decision to master the personal computer resulted in creating his own consulting company, Micro Maestro, Inc. boasting a celebrity client list that included Charlton Heston, Nicholas Cage, Lionel Ritchie, Richard Dreyfuss, Debbie Reynolds, Jack Nicklaus and Ann Archer. His views were sought after by media, trade publications, professional journals and major newspapers such as The Washington Post, Harpers, The Wall Street Journal and PC Laptop Magazine. When not tending to the digital resources of Agamemnon Films, he busied himself writing and researching for their upcoming projects.

A recovering procrastinator, McIntire teaches Logic and Critical Thinking for the Philosophy Department at Santa Barbara City College, lectures at the University of Phoenix and directs philosophy seminars at Antioch University. For four years McIntire was featured weekly as Computer Expert on Santa Barbara’s KEYT Channel 3 News, appearing regularly on Television talk shows and at corporate motivational seminars.

Currently, Professor McIntire offers customized presentations on CRITICAL THINKING FOR DECISION MAKERS to corporate CEO's and upper level managers in the business community throughout the United States. Mindful of his acclaim in the classroom, Grade Potential, Inc., a Santa Barbara home tutoring company, has retained McIntire to tutor and mentor gifted students in college admissions, task mangement and critical analysis writing.In 2008, Professor McIntire published his own critical thinking and writing textbook, Reason Argue Refute; How To Think About Anything.

"My life is simply the integration of everything I have ever thought and done." McIntire recently told the Los Angeles Daily News."Studying for the Catholic Priesthood for seven years trained my mind to think beyond the temporary, the apparent and the insubstantial. Teaching philosophy for many years after that developed my ability to communicate abstractions in a totally approachable manner. Professional acting taught me that vision is useless if it fails to capture the imagination of a large audience. Computer technology is the new literacy. My purpose is to make that literacy useful to those who understand its' power. Other than engaging in shameless self-promotion, I’d rather be playing golf. Philosophy teaches me that there are only four questions that need to be answered by the way a person conducts their life; What is Real? What is True? What is Good? and What is Beautiful? My next book will address these questions under the title, Wisdom's Compass; Reality, Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Being Irish, I can laugh at the prospect of finding any answers. But I'll have fun looking."




Updated on April 4, 2010